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Vaicharik Kranti

24 Jul 2024

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Vaicharik Kranti

There are total of 47 discourses in Marathi.

Vaicharik means related to ideas, thought, feeling and Kranti means revolution, transformation to remove fallacies and delusions existing in our mind. Inner transformation means constant redirection of one’s thought process and letting go of outdated beliefs and patterns. Thus, making intellectual upgrading clear and achievable.

A person following traditional rites and rituals, often has a traditional set of mind with superstitions and blind faith. To remove such unnecessary, calamitous behavioural patterns requires an inner transformation of thought itself. It can be achieved through constant contemplation and introspection. This helps to discern right patterns of thinking and to discard misinformed and untruthful ideas. Thus, when we observe anything, we understand, ‘What it is’ and not, ‘What we think it is’.

Gurudev often said, ‘People with intellectual leanings who do not want to even listen to the word ‘Guru’, too, can become more attuned to their inner Self by listening to the discourses. Inner transformation is possible when one just observes one’s thoughts.

With such a fresh new outlook, we gain insights. The tools and methodologies taught here give us a clarity of perspective. The topics within this subject are - Creative happiness, Bindings of culture, Love, Thoughts, Revolution of the mind, Conscious and sub-conscious mind, Chaos within the mind, Desire and conflict, About Listening, Ego, Sensitivity, Competitive life, Self -satisfaction, Importance of change, Action; Futility of fruits of karma, Today’s dire situation, Spiritual Guru and Knowledge.

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Vaicharik Kranti

वैचारिक क्रांती, या विषयांच्या एकूण ४७ प्रवचन आहेत..

यात परंपरेने घडणाऱ्या कर्मकांडातून तसेच रूढी प्रियतेतून जे चुकीचे संस्कार घडले जातात त्यांतून अंधश्रद्धा निर्माण होते. त्याचे निराकारण कसे करता येईल. त्याकरीता सततच्या चिंतन, मननांतून आपल्या जुन्या पुराण्या विचारसरणींना त्यागून उच्च विचारसरणीकडे आपली वाटचाल कशी होईल यावर भर देण्यात आला

NOTE: संपूर्ण संग्रह गुरुदेव ध्यानमंदिर, अंधेरी येथून खरेदी करता येईल

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