The only answer to all questions is Guru. The one remedy for all calamities is Guru. -- souvenir, 1979

Ganesh Utsav

Date: 19 Sep 2023
Worship of Gurubhakta Ganapati in Gurudev Dhyan Mandir

Gurubhakta Ganpati (Guru Ganesha)-- “The real deity for everyone is already within your body. The only true worship of the deity is to make it introvert and awaken it to go towards Sahasrar. The sea contains all river waters in it. So, a bath in the sea is equal to taking a bath in all the holy waters. Similarly, all gods and goddesses are included in one Sri Guru. If you can practice devotion to him, you get the credit for doing all other worships. But until this becomes your knowledge, there is no escape from ritualistic religion.”
- Swami Umanada Saraswati

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